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We need to get feedback, and we need to learn what you like, and that's why we're taking a loss on this program. Our bed will use the same three-layer foam design as many name brand mattress companies, and will use the exact same foam, but will cost you a fraction of what the big names charge.  

At this price, we need 3-5 business days to get it to you. If you need it rushed, we can do 2 day guaranteed for $100 shipping!

The Roomie Bed
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The Roomie Supima Cotton Sheet Set
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I just wanted to say how incredible the bed was, a true life saver! So good I actually didn’t want to get out of it in the morning. Best decision I made during my Princeton career.
— Sam S, Princeton
I loved not having to do anything - the bed was in my room when I got back from my orientation training. That saved me a bunch of time / effort!
— Jane W, Bates
I absolutely LOVE my bed :) best decision I’ve made in college! Would definitely like to be a returning customer. Are there referral discounts? If so I will make sure to convince friends to get rent too.
— Gabe F, Dartmouth
I feel like I remember reading while renting last year that there was an option of purchasing the mattress at the end of the year. Is that still a thing? Is there an option to purchase a rented mattress? I love mine haha. Thanks!
— Amir H, Duke

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