So am I renting a bed?

No, you are getting a brand new bed directly from the factory. We rent the same kind of bed at schools across the country, but now are selling the same bed that many students know and love.


Why so cheap? Are these low quality?

Not at all. This is a beta program, and we are doing it at cost. We could have done a kickstarter, but thought this would be a little more straightforward.


When Will it Arrive? 

Once you reserve a bed, we will work with you to time the delivery to ensure you get the bed right when you need it. 


Can I return it? 

Yes, if you don't love the bed, let us know within 30 days, and we will figure out a way to get it back from you and will give you a no questions asked refund. We're doing this beta at cost, so any returns will come out of our pockets - if you're really picky about your mattress this might not be a great fit for you!